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Psychoanalytic therapy provides each of us, no matter our sex, age, ethnicity or cultural status, with a place to speak about what we cannot say anywhere else in our lives; a place to be truly listened to and heard. 

What passion or desire inhabits each of us that must find a way to express itself through language? 

How might our particular symptoms and our unique form of suffering be rooted in the inhibition of our desire? 

This discovery and articulation of desire through speech has the power to produce profound change in our lives.

Multilingual, licensed psychotherapist for adults, adolescents and children in private practice, clinic and school settings.

SF Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis

L'Ecole Freudienne du Quebec

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Antioch University

M.A. French Literature, New York University

B.A. French, Spanish, International Studies, Macalester College

Talk therapy based on the psychoanalytic work of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan.

Treatment Focus

Psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy with a particular focus on Anxiety, OCD, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Codependence, Anger, Trauma, Borderline Personality, Multicultural Issues, Life Transitions, Cultural Acclimation.

Treatment Process

Psychoanalytic work is a creative and dynamic process focusing on memories, dreams, fantasies, physical symptoms and language itself; we give careful attention to these in order to explore what may be causing us to suffer and in order to find a new, less painful and more fulfilling way forward. 

Over the course of treatment, we discover new perspectives onto the unconscious motivations driving our behavior; this opens up the future which no longer has to be a repetition of the past.

Psychoanalytic treatment is not a band-aid cure; it does not promise a quick fix and may at times feel slow and painful, but humor and enjoyment also find their way into our work. Most importantly, it brings moments of exhilarating discovery, deep fulfillment, a sense of being truly alive, and the potential for radical and long-lasting change. 

About me

Having moved abroad before the age of one and lived and traveled in Asia, Europe and North America, I've spent most of my life as a foreigner adapting to multiple languages and cultural systems. 

Because of this, I’ve developed a keen awareness of the joys and sorrows, losses and gains inherent in life as an expat, and have a particular interest in the experience of those who may feel they do not "fit" or belong in any one place or context.

Academic and Professional Training



Lacanian Psychoanalytic Training (École Freudienne du Québec, Québec City, Canada)

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Training (Lacan School of San Francisco, San Francisco, USA)

Associate MFT License (California, USA)

M.A. in Clinical Psychology (Antioch University, Los Angeles, USA)

M.A. in French Literature (New York University, New York, USA)

B.A. in French, Spanish & International Studies (Macalester College, Saint Paul, USA)

Professional Experience

Private Practice, Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Berlin

Private Practice, Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Los Angeles

School-based psychotherapist, Los Angeles

Internship practice in community-based outpatient clinics, Los Angeles


Children (Play therapy)




Native English, fluent French and near-fluent Spanish.

Extensive treatment experience in all three languages.


Private pay only; some flexible pricing available.

For an initial consultation please contact me via email.

Rachel Karsen Hafermaas

AuguststraĂźe 84, 10117 Berlin, Germany

E-mail contact

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